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How do Our SEO Services Work and How Much do they Cost?

That’s the big question; right? There are numerous SEO Services out there competing for work. It’s important to understand Who you are Hiring and What you are Getting for your money. Be very cautious of those companies offering “fast results” especially for little money. Chances are, they are not using “white-hat tactics” which can get your domain name in big trouble!

With that said, Our SEO services are 100% White-hat, we don’t use link-farms or other frowned upon methods to generate short-term rankings, it is against our policy. Google will shut you down if they have proof you are part of a link spamming effort, therefore we won’t do it. The way to success is similar to the Tortoise and the Hare fable… slow and steady wins every time.

There are NO minimum contract lengths and NO termination penalties. If you need to stop, you just let us know and we will terminate your account at the end of your 30 day invoice period.

SEO Packages and Prices

Webworks Reciprocal: This is package is based on reciprocal links only. It is in essence a “starter package”. You get 5 keywords, and new reciprocal links each month.

For Best Results, after 3-6 months of using this package it is recommended that you upgrade to the Local Package.
It is only $24.95/month.

Webworks Local: This package is best for local, or “geo-targeted” campaigns that do not have a ton of keyword competition. 5 keywords included; $19.95 per Keyword = $99.75/month.

Need more than 5 Keywords? $19.95/month for each additional Keyword. This package Includes: Content writing, keyword text, text linking, webring, keyword content, content driven links, and it’s own web page with your look and feel per keyword.

Webworks National: This package will blow away your local competition. It’s also the baseline package for a national targeted campaign. 5 keyword minimum; $29.95 per Keyword = $149.75/month.

Need more than 5 Keywords? $29.95/month for each additional Keyword. This package Includes: Content writing, keyword text, text linking, webring, business collective, keyword content, content driven links, double the links + all the rank juice it takes to make you rank. As a added bonus keyword siloing and on page content checking for your homepage to assure your rankings remain stable. And of course it’s own web page with your look and feel per keyword.

Ranking Reports: Each week you will receive an email with your ranking report. The report shows you what your current ranking is and how many ranks you have moved up since the beginning of the service. You can also go back and look at previous reports to see how much you have improved over time. Learn More about SEO Ranking Reports.

Am I Guaranteed to be on Page One?

It highly depends on the following:

  • Are you trying to Achieve National or Local Search Engine Keyword Ranking? National is more Difficult and takes longer to establish.
  • Your Competition. If Demand for the Keyword Phrase is high, it will take more Time and Effort to achieve Top Rankings.
  • It Depends on You. Depending on the SEO Package purchased, some items will be performed by the Customer. The better the package, the less tasks the Customer needs to perform.
  • Keeping up with it. Maintaining Search Engine Rankings is like going to the gym: If you stop going, the benefits slowly diminish until you are back where you started.

Having said this, Our Customers experience Page One Rankings for multiple Keyword Phrases. Here’s the Proof: A Listing of Our Customer’s Live Rankings.
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Hungry for more SEO Information?

You will begin to see results within the first month, and in some cases within the first week. Results will vary depending on the keywords you choose (don’t be too general), the quality of your website, and the competition for your chosen keywords. If you have a ton of competition for a specific keyword or phrase it may take a number of months to overcome the shear amount of competitors… so patience is required. For very competitive keywords be sure to use the “Webworks National” Package.

Using AP Design’s SEO Service is much like going to the gym. Once you reach your goals you can’t just stop working out; you have to maintain! But at least it’s easier to maintain than the road that it took to get there. The same is true for SEO services. Once you are at the top, if you quit you will lose your ranking slowly. Why? Your competition may be using a similar service, overcoming you when you quit, plus the automated keyword rich fresh content and link building you get with our service will cease, and some of your high PR links will dissolve. The Search Engines will take note of your lack of keyword rich activity and drop your rankings, while boosting someone else who’s generating activity.

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